In addition to Modern Mayr Medicine  I provide the following services in my practice:

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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic method which allows the practitioner to detect the root causes of medical problems through the use of muscle tests.

Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic tool

Applied Kinesiology does not replace traditional methods of medical diagnostics but functions as a useful complementary technique.

The holistic approach of Applied Kinesiology enables both patients and practitioner to immediately understand the functional correlations within the body and allows the practitioner to demonstrate to the patients positive or negative effects of certain substances or treatments.

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“Healthy and Active” Metabolic Programme

The “Healthy and Active” Metabolic Programme allows you to change your eating habits according to a dietary programme that is specifically developed to reflect the needs of your metabolism.

A physical examination and blood tests, your medical history, your nutritional habits and your preferred body weight are taken into account when developing the dietary programme which seeks to optimise your metabolism.

You will be able to reach your preferred body weight in an uncomplicated, healthy and sustainable way through an optimal diet and regular exercises but without having to go hungry, take medication or consume food supplements.

As a result many health problems related to an unhealthy lifestyle will fade out, your hormones will be balanced and your immune system strengthened.

The effects will soon become apparent as you will be more energetic, have an improved wellbeing and notice an increase in vitality and the ability to concentrate!

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will be provided either over the phone or in my practice.

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